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Jenny is a drama facilitator whose practise follows an interdisciplinary and participatory approach. She has been involved in theatre and drama since her early childhood. The positive input these experiences had on her life inspired her to pursue a career in this field. Jenny also sees herself as an textile artist using mainly crocheting and embroidery as another creative output


Her work is based on a playful approach that allows the people she works with to express themselves creatively and realise their artistic potential. Jenny sees each of the people she works with as independent artists and works with them in a collaborative manner that aims to explore and experiment together. Within her creative practise Jenny lays a special focus on Object theatre and Improv theatre and wants to explore a more multisensory approach in the future.  

Since 2016 Jenny has been leading and assisting with different participatory theatre and arts projects, ranging from working with young people aged 6 to 22, SEN pupils, refugee women and adults in a range of different settings.
Most recently Jenny has been performing at the community theatre Ost-Passage-Theater, and facilitated different primary school theatre groups. Currently she is the director of the senior drama group at "Die Villa Leipzig"

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